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Carla Cardille & Marcus

Filmed by - Louie Damazo

Added - Jun 13, 2018

Featuring - Carla Cardille

***REMASTER VIDEO 1080p*** - Without any doubts one of the most feminine shemales of all times. Carla is a beauty phenomenon and such a sweet and attractive personality. She is totally bottom and satisfies herself making her partners be delirious of pleasure and have the best orgasm of their lifes. She shares of their pleasure and fell satisfied watching the strong loads of sperm coming from her fully satisfied and happy partners

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118 photos |  21:54

Angelika Campos & Marcus

***REMASTER VIDEO 1080p*** - Marcus is a t-lover with capital T . Angelika is addicted in to give and to receive sexual stimulation. She is delirious with every kind of p´leasure and she adores to have a virile male making she feel a female in the bed. Be in bottom its not a problem for such a versatile model and with a veteran one like Marcus the work is still more appreciable
 Added 7th Nov 2018 
136 photos |  20:44

Jessica Ketlen & Rafael

***REMASTER VIDEO 1080p*** - we gonna enjoy this well hung shemale savor his flex partner in both ways enjoying his cock and ass with same intensity. Rafael loves challenges and face such energetic ts on bed was an unforgettable experience that he certainly ll repeat just for fun. Who can blame him ?!
 Added 31st Oct 2018 
171 photos |  21:22

Alessandra Leite & Cybelly Calmon

***REMASTER VIDEO 1080p*** - One of the most acid combinations with famous bombshells. Cybelly adores to be bottom and she makes it with a lot of property. Alessandra has been revealing a voracious and extremely competent predator . When we see the scenery under this optics seems makes sense to put those both in same scene and certainly they correspond to our expectations
 Added 24th Oct 2018 
148 photos |  23:18

Isabelly Killer & Alex Victor

A classic combination that generated a devilish scene for us. Isabelly is horniest (is that possible???) and she adores to have this guy as partner. She knew how to express this affection in a perfect way topping Alex in a frenzied rhythm demanding an extra dedication from the guy. The explosive ejaculation of the tranny in guy´s face was the cherry of the cake ending with mastery this unforgettable action
 Added 17th Oct 2018 
99 photos |  18:29

Patricia Sabatinny & Bianca

Bianca is a little shy friend of Patricia but that accepts play with the friend in the bed. Patricia knows how to do of the game something more serious and in this scene had shown in details how took advantage of the situation
 Added 10th Oct 2018 
195 photos |  21:30

Kamilly Santos & Cybelly Caçmon

A brave and intense newbie: that is the best description for beautiful Cybelly that made her first scene exactly with another shemale. We could imagine that she would not go so well for being her first t lesbian experience but she overcame the expectations helping the competent Kamile to make together another great quality hardcore
 Added 3rd Oct 2018 

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